That's what happened because of the prayers for George and Anna

Do you also have problems that you want to solve in front of GOD?

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Delivering names for prayer in holy places, after payment

Every day

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A righteous person will pray for you every day at the Western Wall
In addition, you will receive a raffle ticket for a free flight to the Holy Land.

Your donation goes to support poor families. With your help, we can provide them with their basic needs, including food, clothes, and medications.

We will give a small part of your donation at the Western Wall before each of the 40 prayers (excluding Hebrew holidays) because giving charity before prayer invokes Heavenly mercy.

The prayer consists of 3 parts: praise of God, your request of Him, and thanks, together with psalms. We will send you a copy of your personalized prayer upon sign-up.

For all prayer options, your proxy will act as your agent, as if you were standing at the holy site in person. They will also go to the site itself and not just have it in view.

  •  Your prayer will be composed for you individually, based on your request and personal details.

  •  You will receive an email including the start date of your 40 days of prayer and a profile of your prayer messenger.

  •  You will receive an email with suggestions for positive practices to take on, to increase your merit and help your prayers to be answered.

  •  Assuming your messenger completes his round the first time successfully, you will receive an email confirming that your 40 days have been completed.