A collection of letters we’ve received over the years

July 1, 2018

The request from the bank manager was brief. He wanted "to speak to the treasurer of the Holyland organization, whenever he can give me a moment."

When such a request arrives, all other errands fade into the background; you simply have to come. "There’s a certain person...

May 4, 2017


"So, Ernest, what’s going on with the building?" This time, Suzanne wasn’t hiding her impatience. How many times was she supposed to ask him about this and hear that it wasn’t moving ahead?

For over a year now, he’d been saying, "I have buyers, but they want pe...

May 6, 2014

One out of five

Suitcases, hand luggage, shoulder bags, snacks… wait, do I have my passport? Finally the five girls were all at the airport together. They’d studied, had deep conversations, and laughed together for years. This time, the regular flights were so expensive...

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