When one prays continuously for 40 days at a sacred place such as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Western Wall, or the Church of the Nativity, a powerful spiritual force accompanies those prayers. We learn this from the Bible: After Moses spent 40 consecutive days in the heavenly realms, begging God to forgive His people, "The LORD replied, I have forgiven them, as you asked" (Book of Numbers 14:20). The sacred literature says this teaches us that if one petitions God intently for 40 days straight, we are guaranteed that our prayers will be heeded.


And therefore, whoever seeks an answer to his/her prayers should journey to a place such as the Western Wall or the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, to petition the Almighty for 40 days straight with one specific request.


Another way to access this spiritual force is by funding a prayer representative, a righteous, God-fearing person, to pray 40 days on your behalf.


Over the past two millennia, people of all faiths, from all nations of the world, have reported miraculous results after following this age-old advice. People in need of all sorts of salvation have received it in amazing ways, after 40 continuous days of intent prayer at a holy site.

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Every one of us needs salvation in one way or another. The need might be to the right relationship, or a fertility problem, finding the right job, a health problem, a family problem, trouble in business, or any of the countless challenges we face in this world.


We who believe in God know that whenever we need His help, we can always turn to Him in prayer. Sometimes we wait for years to be answered, and we are tempted to despair. Praying for 40 days consecutively at Christianity’s holiest sites gives you the opportunity to get everything resolved as quickly as possible.


But of course, that is easier said than done.

For some, it’s simply not feasible to leave one's family, take a leave of absence from work, and travel thousands of miles away from home for 40 days, not to mention the expense.


Here at holylandonline1.com, we give you the opportunity to make it happen without leaving your home.


For a small donation, you will have your personalized prayer recited on your behalf by one of our dedicated clergymen at your choice of holy places in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, or Tiberias, every day for 40 days consecutively!

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