40 Days - Concept and Meaning

Many times we hear of people who took on spiritual tasks for forty days. Forty days are of special importance, and the customs and virtues used throughout this period are derived from this importance.

Forty days is the term of a unit of time familiar and accepted in Judaism. Many times we hear about people who took on spiritual tasks for forty days, and not for nothing. Forty days are of special importance, and the customs and virtues used throughout this period are derived from this importance. In this article, we will discuss the essence of the forty days and very few halakhic questions.

We will open our discussion about the forty days that are declared in the Bible, and the flood was forty days, as we see in Parah Noh (7:17). "Jacob was told by his servants that the doctors would seduce his father, "Moses went up into the cloud and went up to the mountain. And Moses was on the mountain forty days and forty nights. The bread did not eat, and water did not drink and write." On the tablets are the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments. "(Shemot 34:28)" I have taken possession of the mountains to take the tablets of stones, the tablets of the covenant which the Lord made with you, and I will sit on the mountain forty days and forty nights. (Numbers 12: 9) The spies returned to deliver the Land of Israel after forty days, as it is said (Bamidbar 13:25) "and they returned from the land of the land forty days later, as it is said (Samuel 1:17:16)." He will rise and rise and stabilize for forty days. " Elijah the prophet did not eat forty days, as it is said (I Kings 19: 8). "He rose and ate and drank and went by that eating power forty days and forty nights until the mountain of God was destroyed. Jonah warns the inhabitants of Nunah that after forty days the Holy One, blessed be He, turns Nana (Jonah 3: 4). "And Yona began to come in the city one day.


Incidentally, with regard to beatings, we find the tongue forty, as it is said (Deuteronomy 25: 3).

Forty days in the Talmud

In Tractate Ta'anit (18), both of us in the Mishnah, Mishnah Ta'anit, etc., and the rain stopped between rain and rain for forty days, we warn them because it is a plague of drought.


In Parashat Arachin 16:16, the words of Rabbi Yishmael say Everything that passed through forty days without suffering received his world. According to Rashi: All his rest for the future.

That Moshe Rabbeinu was forty days

The profound exponent (Pir Amor) explains that Moshe Rabbeinu was more than forty days, that they are hours of Torah study, and then he learned Torah orally, at every hour he learned from the Matkas, which are referred to as "Mantini" by Rabbi Takasim.

Forty days without agony

Ben Ish Hai, in his book Benayahu ben Yehoyada on Tractate Arachin, wants to explain the issue of suffering within forty days or after forty days. That the month of Elul and the Ten Days of Repentance, as well as the days of Selichot, as written by Rabbi Natan Shapira of blessed memory, and the reason that it takes 960 hours to purify the soul, because man It is built of four foundations, both on the side of his body and on his soul, and each element is built of four, 16 elements.

When a person sins - 16 forces of impurity are attached to him in 16 elements, and these sixteen forces of tumah must be abolished in sixty years. This is a prohibition that is annulled in the sixties, and therefore they must be given 960 hours. But despite the fact that 16 forces of impurity are abolished in the sixtieth century, there is one thing to separate their filth from the body and from the soul, and we were the torments that separate the filth of 16 forces of uncleanness from soul and body. These are the 40 days which are the purity of 960 hours, Will not pass without suffering, which separates the filth of the forces of impurity afflicted with the man.


The Maharal (Netivot Olam The Path of Tears Chapter 3) One explanation is that the world to come is transformed into a physical world, and therefore one who is worthy and ready for this world is not ready for the next world, if it is 40 days as the number of human creation without suffering, The number forty is special, that it ascends to the next spiritual world, which the Torah gave in 40 days, and when it is forty days without suffering that removes its body, until it is the Son of the World to Come, So he is in this world and is expelled from the World to Come.

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