We’ve been doing our work for four years… Millions of shekels have been delivered punctually, month by month, to people in need… Our donors have told volumes of stories of salvation, and the needy have written us pages full of pain and tears, begging for assistance to rehabilitate their lives. To date, Holyland has tens of thousands of witnesses, from every population around the globe, to the efficacy of our services.

Every sort of distress comes to our doors: people seeking spiritual or material support, those wishing to have their troubles brought before God’s Throne of Glory, boosted by the power of charity, and those who send us the names of the sufferers, requesting that great clergymen pray for them.


Holyland’s activities are conducted under total transparency; its executives are not paid, and its operating expenses are negligible.

The greatest religious leaders, each in his own way and words, have praised Holyland for its credibility. Their words certify that all the organization's activities are conducted under the rule of law, fairness, and ethics.


We run our organization by and the law of the land the Law of God. We have first-class lawyers and accountants to ensure that all the funds that pass through our hands will stand up to the scrutiny of the most thorough review by the governmental authorities. And our activities have the unequivocal support of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time, as well.


The Bible and the law – Holyland precisely fulfills its fundamentals, all in the service of God. Holyland offers its help to all human beings, regardless of class and community, with discretion, protection of privacy, and complete subordination to the directives our spiritual guides.

Return on Investment

When you invest one shekel, you might expect to get full value for it.

Investing one shekel and being rewarded with only 20 cents can be disappointing, but donating a dollar and being rewarded with two dollars – that’s a good deal. In Holyland, each dollar donated doubles its value and strength.

Support is provided to each needy family after an ongoing discussion of its particular needs, with full attention to the details of its life story.

Assistance might include food or clothing vouchers, payment of debts, direct payments to tutors or dentists, cash support, either one-time or monthly — whichever way we determine that the money can be most effectively utilized.

Professional guidance of the organization makes sure that the funds transferred to the families are used for their predefined purposes. The organization also gives a special course to parents, designed to help them get out of the cycle of poverty. Panels of experts in all aspects of poverty – financial, emotional, social, etc. – discuss how to extricate people from their distress and bring them back on track.

Once a family is brought out of crisis and provided with the tools to start life again from a much better position, it is often able to stop relying on charitable assistance. Many of the people we have helped have even turned into enthusiastic donors.


When you donate to Holyland, you know that your money is doubled and tripled in value. This is the best business you can do...

Let us hear your story

Holyland's redemption stories have become world-renowned for a simple reason: You don’t have to rely on other people’s testimonies. Just try Holyland and see for yourself!


The relationship between donation to Holyland and salvation is so quick and immediate, so transparent and obvious, that it’s hard to attribute it to coincidence.

People donate to Holyland because they consider it the worthiest charity, and the most esteemed spiritual leaders of our generation support it heartily. These people donate, lift their eyes in prayer, expressing their belief that God is the One Who has done, does, and will do all deeds to save those in need of salvation. The donation "works" due to the tremendous power of charity, coupled with the donors' faith and the honor it brings to God’s Name as the story spreads worldwide.

Your donation leads to recurrent salvation. Holyland never "promises" salvation; it is not responsible for it and is not the one who creates it, but the donors are well aware that their donations please God and their appeal is answered through their support of the organization. And that is why our donors return.

After donating to Holyland, people have obtained the home they’ve dreamed of, the job they’ve long been seeking, the life partner they’ve been longing for.


Obstacles have been moved aside in various, sometimes amazing ways; lengthy processes have been surprisingly shortened.


Lost items have been returned to their owners in fascinating ways. Students have won a coveted role in the school play, and donors have won a long-awaited flight ticket in a raffle.

People have been saved from sudden hazards, accidents, and death; they have recovered from illnesses after doctors have offered no hope, and overcome insurmountable difficulties. All these stories are told again and again to anyone who will listen, and each story, when told, sounds as fresh and new as if it has just happened.

You too, could find yourself bursting to tell the world your own amazing story!

Endorsed by the righteous

Thanks to today’s most prominent religious leaders, Holyland enjoys unparalleled backing. Through every possible channel, our great spiritual leaders have made it known that Holyland is their organization and that they see it as their lifework; they are involved down to the finest details of its activities, and they have repeatedly called on the public to donate.


Clergy from various religious streams has exerted themselves to extend Holyland’s reach as far as possible and enable more and more families in distress to be rehabilitated through Holyland’s support. When they are making such strenuous efforts, who can refuse?


Prominent religious figures have hosted Holyland conferences at their homes, taken part in discussions despite their busy schedule, attended meetings, and received the names of individual donors to pray for them, even during the hours reserved for their private life.


The righteous spiritual leaders of this generation view Holyland as the most worthy cause and ask the public to donate; the one who adheres to God and His commandments is the one who heeds the call!

The power of prayer

The donors are mentioned in the prayers of the clergy who represent Holyland; thus the donors are blessed and their requests are voiced in various ways and forms, each and every week. Aside from that, Holyland's donors are mentioned in special prayers requesting blessing on each of the holidays.

In addition, the donors may be mentioned by name on special occasions that come up unexpectedly at any time of year.

Donors who sign up for special individualized prayer on their behalf are rewarded with 40 continuous days of prayer for their particular need, by a righteous person in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem or the holy site of their choice. The donor is mentioned specifically by name, along with his or her petition to the Almighty, in a prayer dedicated to him or her alone, every day of the 40-day period.

There are various options to choose from, and each and every one of them has its own unique virtue, conducive to the miracles associated with it according to ancient sources which assert that it opens the door to mercy.

All the services and prayers are under the supervision of the prominent religious figures and are conducted under special rules of prayer determined individually, with maximum personal concern and integrity.

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