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  • The names of the two

    Solitaire by the names

    14k gold jewelry with Swarovski stone. On the stone are the 72 pieces. The stamping is done by a special machine that minimizes the words and drowns in 24 karat gold letters.

    With ground-breaking technology, in an advanced sterile laboratory, Nano Jolari drowns on precious stones, graphics and miniature captions made of pure 24 karat gold.
    The captions and graphics are embedded on the stone at the molecular level, with the highest quality and finish.
    On the stone, at the bottom of the stamp, is stamped.

     The names of the two

    The 72 names, a powerful spiritual tool, is a Kabbalistic key to abundance of luck and blessing, perfection and happiness.
     With the help of the 72 names, the wisdom of Kabbalah brings us a way to communicate with the physical and spiritual world - a mystical way and a way to change all aspects of our lives in which we feel the need for reinforcement, change, protection and breakthrough.

     If we take the explicit name, we will unpack it and we will combine its numerology numbers, we will get the number 72
     10 + 15 + 21 + 26 = 72 which are 72 names of the Creator


     The two names from the Bible:
     Consists of three verses from Exodus 14, the story of the splitting of the Red Sea, where there are three verses in a sequence, each of which contains 72 letters.


    19. And the Lord will come, walking before the camp of Israel, and go from behind them; And the people went up, from their faces, and stood up from behind them.

    about. And he came into the camp of Egypt, and between the camp of Israel, and it was the bow and the darkness, and he made the night; And it is not close to it, all-night

     21. And he lifted up his hand on the sea, and the LORD went to the sea with the spirit of the head of the goats every night, and set the sea to the ground; And the water burst