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3 new Jews prayers written for COVID-19 pandemic

While the world deals with a global health crisis, new prayers are written by Jewish thought. We also collected some of the written prayers here, too;

Prayer Through the Pandemic

This prayer was written by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis of the UK; he proposed that it be said with Psalms 91, 121, and 130.

Father in Heaven,

During this time of profound global concern, we look to You to bestow Your grace upon all the inhabitants of our helpless planet, now sorely afflicted.

Almighty Heaven, who protects the living with loving-kindness, helps the fallen and cures the ill, consoles the bereaved families and sends a swift and full recovery to all those who have contracted the virus, as the prophet Jeremiah said:

"And I will restore you to health, and heal you from your wounds," says the Almighty.

Bless those who suffer from power.

Bless those in pain, with resilience. Bless those who are despondent, with hope. With wisdom bless all those who seek a cure and compassionately thank all those who give comfort. Bless the members of our nation. Give them knowledge and foresight, and their counsel, to act with wisdom and honesty for the well-being of those they serve.

Bless the physicians, nurses, all healthcare professionals and key workers who diligently try healing and support those affected, while at the same time risking themselves. Open our hearts in prayer, and our hands in empathy to ensure that love and kindness across the physical gap this epidemic creates between us.

During this period of increased global understanding of our shared interdependence, the Almighty God of redemption and hope helps all mankind to understand the power that comes from being united in love and concern, rather than separated with hatred and discrimination. Looking to the future, may You empower all people to create and maintain communities of unity, equality, harmony, and peace.

O Lord, our Pillar, and Salvation lead us quickly from despair to hope, from fear to trust and from the fear of death to the celebration of life.

Will this prayer of mine arrive at a convenient time before You.

And this may be Your will, Amen.

Prayer for Medical Experts

By Alden Solovy, first appeared on his website.

O God of wisdom,

Bless doctors and medical scientists around the world

With insight and competency, dedication and strength,

As they fight coronavirus,

So their work yields understanding and knowledge,

Finding a vaccine fast, therapies, and deterrents for spreading it.

Lifestyle source,

Provide policy and public health officials

The power to take fast, decisive action,

With empathy and appreciation,

In pursuit of humanity,

Combating that outbreak

And the other diseases which the planet still plagues,

Diseases which threaten our brothers and sisters' lives;

Citizens and Neighborhoods,

Young and old alike.

Age Skirt,

End sickness and suffering,

So everyone knows

Their compassion and grace.

Praised are You, Father, Flesh-healer, Wonder-maker.

Prayer for the Cure

By Rabbi Ayelet S.

May the One Who Blessed Our Fathers

Bless all those who risk taking care of the sick

Doctors and surgeons, and surgeons

Personal health care assistants and helpers

EMTs, pharmacists and

Community workers and physical therapists at hospitals

(Include other health-care workers at the front line. And bless

Who navigates the world's unfolding dangers every day;

Tend to help those they have sworn.

Congratulate them on coming home and congratulate them on going out.

Ease their pain. Keep them on.

Healer of all things, Source of all air,

Protect them and bring back hope.

Fortify them, that they may bring forth strength;

Hold them in safety, so they can carry a cure.

Enable them to learn a time they can breathe without fear again.

Bless their hands for the holy work.

May this plague pass through us, quickly and in our days.

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