What is the Western Wall?​​

2000 Years of History and Millions of Visitors: The Wall.
First of all, the Western Wall is a significant part of the glory of the Second Temple at its peak, the shield that surrounds the Temple Mount and delineates it from the west.

But the Kotel is also a place of longing, longing for Jerusalem, for the days of pilgrimage, for unity and for the joy of holidays. And a meeting. A meeting of the Jewish people and the entire world. A meeting of a person with a cone. A meeting of a person with himself.

The Western Wall is a symbol of the revival of the Jewish people in its land during the holiday, the swearing-in ceremonies and memorial days.


The story of the Western Wall begins with a modest mountain - Mount Moriah. On this mountain since then, the wall has been bustling with people. Jews, tourists,
When the Western Wall was liberated in the Six Day War, one of the greatest dreams of the Jewish people was realized.

The destruction of the Temple by the Romans was a terrible disaster that was engraved in the consciousness of the Jewish people. The structure of the temple was destroyed, but the retaining walls survived in part. In the absence of a temple, the Jews turned to the nearest remnant of the Holy of Holies: the Western Wall. Over the generations, the Western Wall has become the symbol of the longing of the Jewish people for its ruined city and the site of the Temple. Many gave up, just to touch his stones and lay their prayers in front of them.

In its last years, the temple was renovated and transformed into splendor by creating a vast plaza, supported by four artificial walls, and four winds. The compound was so magnificent and impressive that it was said that anyone who had not seen it had not seen a beautiful building before.

Over the years, the First and Second Temples were built on the Temple Mount, including the Holy of Holies - the most sacred place for the Jewish people. No one was allowed to enter it except the High Priest on Yom Kippur.

According to tradition, this is the "house of God" from Jacob's well-known dream. Then our father saw in his dream the angels ascending and descending the ladder to the ground and his head reaching heaven.

When Abraham was commanded to raise his son Isaac as a burnt offering, the father and his son went up to the place where it was said: "And he saw the place from afar" - he is Mount Moriah.
According to tradition, the creation of the world began on the summit of Mount Moriah, from the same ancient stone called the "Stone of Drink".

there have been, throughout history, major events of the Jewish people.worshipers and visitors - all find a place to express their feelings. The Western Wall - touches the hearts of all of us.